dealshalter top and banded bottom bikini, sizes small…


Not that I am anywhere near bikini shape but I love that you allow women to purchase their tops and bottoms in different sizes! This is a great selling point.


@philosopherott: The Gods o' Woot have now coded this site so that no deals from (no matter what the item or tags) are allowed on the Top tab.


@ohcheri: i see under the new FAQ that merchants are "discouraged from participating" in the ask the community section.


@philosopherott: Yes, and they also defined the Top and Popular tabs more clearly. The Top tab is for Staff picks and the Popular tab is for Community picks.


@ohcheri: I can't help but wonder what horrible things you have done here on Woot to receive the treatment you have. You must be a terrible, terrible person. Like a black market baby dealer. Or a puppy beater. Or a politician.


@tarasadie17: The products we sell bring happiness to lots of people, and there are always people who hate to see others happy. It's a sad fact of life and a great basis for a reality show!

If there are any TV executives out there I would be glad to pitch my idea :-)