dealswalgreens nice almonds bogo for $3.99 + freeā€¦


Fake.. If a 16oz bag is $5.99 (which it is everyday at my local store, how is a 9oz $3.99 or BOGO for $7. True BOGO is for $3.99, this is all marketing.. Boo Hiss!


no, you moron. they are buy one for $3.99 get one free. try adding to cart next time before you troll.


Aw come on, really? Walgreens, CVS, Cumberland Farms, these places have BOGOs on their junk all the time, why is this worthy? Besides, it's for their "store brand" almonds, which suck. I've gotten their nuts a couple of times and they were always stale.


I went to order some of these but there was a two can limit. I just went to Walgreen's down the street and they are running the sale in store also. I picked up a bunch of cans!

I actually prefer the Nice! brand almonds to Blue Diamond. They seem less greasy and the lightly salted ones taste better to me than any of the Blue Diamond varieties.


I tried their Rude! almonds once...not bad. A little salty.