dealssample of€“ purex ultrapacks for $0.00 + free…


You can also choose a coupon for 75 cents off instead of a free sample.


Thank you for signing up for your free sample!

Your free sample should arrive in about 6-12 weeks.
Please note: Only one sample per household per 12 months for promotion.

For current and future promotions, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.


I signed up a little while ago for another purex sample....I used a different email address and changed my name slightly, but they must keep track of the mailing address.
I received the message "Sorry, only one sample per household per year."


I'm all about free. But by the time these things arrive I'll probably have forgotten all about them in the first place. I can't decide if it'd be a pleasant surprise:
"Oh, hey, look, free shtuff!"
or something a little more like:
"Damn, here they go sending me free samples again. I never signed up for this crap!"


I tried to get one and it told me that I had already signed up for one (don't recall that).

Then I remembered that Tide makes the same kinds of pods, so I went to and found that they have free samples too!


@romeojn: Sounds like your memory is about as solid as mine! I finally set up a folder for all of my order acknowledgements so I can see what I'm waiting to receive. I remove them from the folder once I've received the item..... if I remember to.