dealsmass effect 3: xbox-360 for $15.00


For what it's worth, I've found amazon video game ratings to be brutally harsh. It seems people with strong negative feelings about specific points (ie no lan for starcraft 2, endings for ME3, etc) cause them to 1-star in mass. I'd definitely use ign or metacritic as a metric for overall reception, and not amazon. Just my .02


The game is definitely worth 15 bucks, even if you thought the ending fell short. The constant free updates to the multiplayer are phenomenal and the online community for the game is thriving because of it.


Great deal. There is tax charged in Texas so the total was $16.24. However, I have Prime so I get free 2 day shipping.


@galapogos: It's only 2.5 because of a campaign against the ratings from the original poor ending.

Bioware released an extended version, but obviously all of those people have not adjusted their ratings accordingly.


I want to down-vote for no PS3 love, but realize that you are not to blame. :-/


It kind of astonishes me that this game is rated 2.5 stars on Amazon. But for $15, it could make for a good time burner on these looong winter nights.