dealsfree shipping at christian books / christianbook…


I'll be holding out for the free shipping on devil worshipping books, personally.


7 downvotes... for what? It's a fair deal and posting on deals.woot... so because it's Christian?


They've got Lamb Among the Stars trilogy for $40, one of the best series I've ever read...unfortunately I don't have $40.


Oh good. And I have $35 to spend on kindling for my fireplace this year.

They get my money, and I get firestarting material. Win-win.


Guys, really?

Now I'll say that I'm a fairly outspoken Atheist, and I've argued with others on Christian deals previously, but this is still a deal.

Just because you don't want to buy something, doesn't mean you should downvote the (profanity) out of it, or come in here to bash Christians.

And on the completely blunt side of things, if they want to purchase this "stuff" they're going to buy it anyway, so there's no use bashing it. Go onto a forum if you want to argue like idiots about religion on TEH INTERWEBZ.

It's a shame that "both sides" of the argument have an incredible amount of idiots.