deals$100 off a treadclimber tc20 or tc10 + free…


$100 off a $3k or $2k product? Color me unimpressed with a <5% discount.


@snowire: tell me about it a deal a little more impressive would be 1/3 off at least it would only be $2000.00 which is still too much money


@snowire: You missed the part where they included the $650 home gym for free.

The total for the TC10 TreadClimber + Classic Home Gym is $2,099. (free shipping)

A bit too pricey for my tastes (and most people's) but if you like Bowflex, it's not a bad deal.


@seventy8: You said it better than I could. It's not a bad deal, just not a cheap deal. It's out of my price range, but honestly... I wish it weren't. $2099 for both products, and don't forget the free shipping. I can only assume that shipping workout equipment the size of living room furniture isn't cheap.


When I ordered my BowFlex from them (via a sponsored deal) a while back, shipping took forever. Long beyond their promised date.

But, now that I have it, I do use and enjoy it. Their stuff is pretty darn expensive, though.


Are the many down votes due to the price or the product?

If the products works as well as advertised, then the price seems worth while and this a great deal, if you have the money. If you don't have the money, then move on and try not to worry about it, but don't down vote it just because you can't afford it.

If it's just actually a shoddy product and is way overpriced, then I understand down voting, but there are very few people that I've met that aren't satisfied with a Bowflex machine. I wish I had one, but I can't afford them. Still, seems like a good deal to me from what I've been told by friends and family.


I find it very interesting that there are documented issues with the headphones (cord) and the retailer (shipping), yet it has so many upvotes. Where the Bowflex has so many people saying the product is excellent, the provider is good, and the deal is also good but expensive... yet it is getting hammered in downvotes.

I'm not sure what the criteria is for wooters to up/down vote, but I really think it's become a popularity contest. This is a good deal for someone that is looking for a product like this. Expensive items are still a good deal if you get them at a less expensive price, not to mention throwing one in for FREE.

I admit this is a rant that everyone has heard already, but it just really stands out today.


you'll do better buying bowflex stuff of of amazon than you will buying it from the bowflex site. i bought the Blaze from Amazon, saved 150-$300 on shipping (yes I know that's crazy but that's what they wanted to charge me at the bowflex site at the time) plus an additional $300 off of the product itself. Amazon also sells some of the older ones for better deals. There might be better stuff out there than Amazon's deal nowadays but that was the best deal I could find at the time even on google shopping. I did buy an epic treadmill off Woot a while back though :D