dealssave 75% on dead space 2 on steam for $5.00…


Same price as Amazon download, and if you bought certain games in December, you can use your $5 promo code to make it free.


@liss: Great idea.

I blew my $5 credit on Battlefield 3 when it was $30, making it $25--couldn't pass that up.


Be sure to get the DLC for this too. The final sequence/battle is one of the coolest things I have played in a long time. I even teared up.


@liss: Unfortunately, you can't register the serial key with steam. I was able to do it with Just Cause 2 and Dungeon Siege 3 last month. Oh well, at least I got a free game.


Haven't I seen this on sale at Steam for like two months now?


These games are utterly fantastic. Bought Dead Space on sale last year and played it, and loved it. Then bought Dead Space 2 earlier this year, just about to finish it now. If you're a gamer, get these games, you won't regret it.