deals1200 series egyptian comfort 4pcs bed sheet set…


Egyptian comfort, not cotton. This sounds like a certain sponsored deal we had the other day...


...And I feel em and they feel a little rough to the touch. I get a little suspicious...


Shipping is $5.99 to San Antonio...ehhh


These are in NO WAY any percentage of cotton.They are 100% POLYESTER. I was duped by another "deal" site into thinking they were cotton. They even said that they were. When I got the set, not a wrinkle on them. Washed it first and when it came out of the dryer, NOT A WRINKLE ON THEM!!! I am highly allergic to polyester and broke out the very first night they were on the bed. BEWARE!!!


Instead of reading
1200 TC Egytian Cotton
-it reads-
1200 SERIES Egyptian COMFORT

So just be aware of the difference.


Just look where it's from, that tells the whole story.