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Wow - $12.45 total includes first class shipping to California. Region Free Blu Ray. I was just thinking about calibration my mind.

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vote-for2vote-against Read the reviews on the calibration disc. Very mixed, was in for one up until now. I'll think about it and see if anyone has a better solution in the morning


@cowboydann: That said, it's still the gold standard for calibration. I don't know of a better disc. I've been looking at this one for years but never bought due to cost. For $12.45 (for my shipping location), this is a pretty good deal compared to the average price. has it for just over $17 but that doesn't make this anything less than the lowest price I've ever seen for it.


I originally got the SD version of this for my old CRT in the Standard Def days. I still have, and use, it for the HD era but mostly for audio. This is a fantastic deal. Thanks for offering the coupon!


I must be dense because I can't find anywhere to enter the coupon code.


@jds4life: Looks like it's about the 3rd step of checkout. After entering your address. I just bought mine.


@omnichad: Honestly man you are right. I let myself get irritated and riled up and I shouldnt have I apologize to @bluscenes for jumping to conclusions without knowing the entire situation and posting something that is only accurate in the moment. The system is great and since they are the ones that manufacture it then it is much better to go through them than than through a third party site.


@alivelee: Glad I could help with that. I can't imagine running a one-man show and trying to be so available that you'd answer a support call while on a personal trip. That's tough to do. I personally would just not be answering my phones half the time and letting them go to voicemail - I couldn't handle the interruptions.

I'm looking forward to my order because I haven't yet seen this disc in person. I'm too much of a cheapskate, but I've looked at this disc for far too long. I remember when the HD DVD version was being mentioned all over the place.


So everything can have a happy ending, just want to report that I was able to enter my coupon code on the third step in my order. I was just a little paranoid about going too far in the order process, as I didn't want to accidently place an order without the discount. Thanks for everybody's help.


Can't believe so much discussion over a $13 blu ray disc to calibrate for most people a over $1000 TV. From what I seen most people's TVs are not even close to being correct. For $13 it's worth trying. To have a service call to do it is $200 to 300. Or your happy with the way your TV looks and spend the $13 on fast food.


@bluscenes: "Frankly, we don't need your business."

Well, frankly you won't be getting mine. I was considering getting this but I will absolutely never let my money go to anyone who treats a customer like that in public. Nonsense like this gives small businesses a bad name. Whether you're a multinational conglomerate or a one-man operation, professionalism matters.


@starblind: In all honesty I was being an ass and I was rude to them I have actually talked to them quite a bit more and I did purchase the DVD my self. It was a bad situation and I caused it.


@bluscenes: "frankly, we don't need your business."

Hint: That's NEVER a good thing to say to a customer on a public forum, even an irate one.


It may be easy to research settings for a TV, but projectors are tougher to calibrate without a tool like this. Installing a new bulb really changes the output of a projector and requires recalibrating. I bought my second DVE from this deal. I will give this second copy to my son.



Nonsense. The issue had nothing to do with shipping orders, All of which already shipped out of the warehouse by the way. If I owned a restaurant and somebody was using foul language I would definitely make them leave. If I had a hotel and people were making it unpleasant for other guests I would definitely ask them to leave. It turns out that in this situation my phone was not supposed to be receiving text messages and the customer did not realize that a representative from the company was on the other end. With as many incoming messages as there were the overflow was somehow sent to me. But yes, if you are bothered by what I wrote here you definitely should not buy from us.


@triplebud: Even the person who disagreed with me got upvotes from me on their useful comments. It just so happens that none of your posts on this thread are useful to anyone.


Alivelee, you maned up and did the right thing. It's hard to admit when you're wrong. Cut bluscenes some slack he was dealing with a medical emergency with his child. He can run his business the way he wants it's his money at risk. If you don't like his business practices don't buy from him.


Click google wallet. Type woot20, click submit. Done. What's the big deal?