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I didn't see the dental part of this when I read it at first....
I was a little skeptical.


what’s in the box
1 - Bulk Box Of 500 Single-Use Dental Floss Packs


@fit410s: Or, you could get the:

12 Fresh & Go Tongue Cleaners
6 Fresh & Go Toothbrushes - With Built-In Toothpaste!

All three choices are $5.99 with free s/h.


I'll give it a shot for both floss and toothbrushes for guests.


So much waste here. Why not just keep a container of floss in your desk/car/purse? The individual packaging seems unnecessary and hugely wasteful. Although, a little plastic container that floss comes in may not be much better, unless it is recyclable.


Use coupon code: dec5off
and save a whopping 30 cents!


Misleading. You don't get everything in the pic for $5.99...they're $5.99 EACH. Crappy deal.


@emeycakes: The only thing I can think of that makes this "more convenient" is the little strips of paper on the ends might make it so you don't have to wrap it around your fingers? I would prefer the little floss picks or your idea of just having a box of floss. I always leave the ones my dentist gives me in the car and at work. Never know when you are going to need it out and about.