deals2 pack hat lights for $4.99 + free shipping


Uses tiny coin cells instead of normal AA or AAA. Much less working capacity, higher price. Bad idea.


A hat light comes in handy when walking a dog at night or working in a tight spot with hand tools. You may keep both hands free while seeing upon what you are working. They also look cooler if possible than a headlight.


Each of these lights comes with two CR-2032 batteries, so for $4.99 I can get four CR-2032 batteries shipped to my house free. That's a lot cheaper than Walgreens or Radio Shack! Conveniently, I already have one of these hat lights that needs new batteries. I like the hat light--it's very convenient for camping, when you just want a little light to see the dishes you're trying to wash after dark. My only complaint was once I dropped it and the battery door popped open. I eventually found all the parts (in the dark) and put it back together, but I learned that you should stick a piece of duct tape over the batter door.


I dont care about the product...Ben's Outlet is awful to deal with. They never shipped my order for another product...then they dont provide a phone number for cust service...they suggest email is the 'best' way to contact them with an expected turn around time of 24 hours.

Well i sent an email everyday for a reply. Then entered a reimbursement request via PayPal...and still no reply. Then I escalated via PayPal...and surprise..a reply! They said they would check on the order and reply immediately. I replied- please cancel, i bought product elsewhere. 2 days later and no reply from them, i noticed they shipped the item.

I had to refuse delivery and follow through with the PayPal dispute. 1.5 months later, I got reimbursed. TGFPP!

I would never buy a product from them again...and customer service never offered any type of compensation/discount on future orders...just a 'sorry for the inconvenience". Nice thing about woot- i can buy from other distributors.


@johnson487682: That just illustrates my point. Flat button cells are hugely overpriced, compared to normal AA or AAA cells. (They also have much less energy capacity.)

I would much rather have a product that runs on normal AA or AAA cells ... and of course you can buy that size in re-chargeable, too.


I purchaded 2 of these the last time they were on sale, there great for BBQing in the evenings, batteries seem to last quite some time.