deals20% off 2 foot saucer magnolia tree for $6.38


I'm no math wizzard...but isn't $6.38 a little more than 20% off of $12 :D

Seems like good deal for a tree - anybody know how fast these things grow/year?

[eded] I get it, 20% off the TOTAL


2 Free Forsythias w/ any pruchase order over $25 too


You also have the option to join the Arbor Day Foundation ($10 membership) and receive 10 free trees of your choice. You can choose between many types of flowering, shade, landscaping and fruit-bearing varieties. Nice deal from a worthwhile organization.

If you own property you can't go wrong with planting trees. If you don't own property maybe you can give them away as gifts.


Arbor Day Foundation Trees are twigs with a few roots barely developed in a poorly preserved plant food + mud mixture. More than half of the trees they send you don't make it and it has been a sheer waste of time and money with those plants.

Best bet for any trees, head to your local nursery or Home Depot.


Well their trees are guaranteed, they'll replace anything that doesn't grow. So if you received a dead tree you should have told the Arbor Day Foundation. Like every nursery, they can't ship plants that have already sprouted. Plants can only be shipped in a dormant state, so yes they look "dead" when you receive them. With careful planting and nurturing these small dormant trees will grow to full size within a few years.


We have Arbor Day trees that are 30'+ tall... yes, you may lose a couple, but remember you're making a donation NOT purchasing the trees. The money you spend will go a lot further in helping the planet than your money spent on trees at a Big Box Store!


I remember sending the Arbor Day Foundation a buck as a kid (a dollar in an envelope, no less), and them giving me a blue pine sapling, and receiving their catalog, and getting my friends' parents to order some "twigs" from me. I should do a drive-by of my old neighborhood and check up on them, but last I heard, the Japanese maple I helped my friend plant is quite handsome and moderately sized (after 20 years). That's quite a bit for a kid to get out of a few bucks and a suggestion from Ranger Rick magazine. :)


For most of the zones the order deadline on the shipping chart appears to have already passed... Does this mean you won't get the tree until fall?


April 25 to May 1, 2011