deals10ft 28awg high speed hdmi® cable w/ferrite cores…


Not sure if I'd really want an orange cable if it will be sticking out at all, but for $4 I may have to bite anyway. Never bad to have extra cables lying around.


Ya it reminded me of an orange fiber optic cable. I guess it would be easy to trace the cable in a bundle of other cables.
MP cables are always good quality, my only complaint is they are on the stiff side with the large choke near both ends they can be hard to feed through things.


Plus the $4.18 shipping for 1st class package for a total of $8.18 makes the similar deals on the right that Woot suggest a better deal than this one.
Also on Amazon for the same cord in Black you can get it for $7.45 with Free shipping to save money


@avashock: Good points! Whenever I order from MP I usually order many cables and such, which helps offset the shipping but for just one cable better deals on HDMI cables are abound.