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Isn't it just easier to have a collar tag with your cell phone number? Anyone who finds your pet will likely be willing to place a phone call to return it, if they're willing to go through all the trouble of looking your pet up on a website.

No yearly fee for a tag with just your phone number.


I'm all for anything that gets your dog home. But my dog has a microchip in his shoulder with a tag on his collar from HomeAgain. I pay $12 a year to keep his account updated and then even if he loses his collar the chip can be scanned and he can be gotten home. I have recently learned that a lot of shelters, including kill shelters, say they are too busy to check microchips, which is stupid and illogical, since it takes only a few seconds to scan the chip and might get the dog off their hands and safely home with a single phone call. But since then I have been more careful to make sure Simba has his tag on his collar. I pulled a lovey pointer off a dark busy street Monday night and brought her home so I could call her owner. She had on 3 tags clearly stating her name, address and phone number, and some electronic device with a blinking green light that I guessed must have been an invisible fence device. Her family was shocked she was out and very glad to get her back.


@dufus2506: Good points, but I think of these as an alternative to micro-chipping (since there are a LOT of people who don't microchip their pets). We seem to be the house that strays find and have been able to locate the families of several that were chipped. Unfortunately, a few months ago a beautiful cat took up residence on our patio and we have been completely unable to find his home.

One thing that I've learned from the chipping services is that many, if not MOST folks who DO bother to microchip their pets fail to keep their contact information updated with the chipping service. It doesn't do any good to chip your pet (or even just to have a tag on it) if the address and/or phone number is no longer valid. I was able to track a family down last spring after hours of google searching, but a lot of people wouldn't bother to do more than call a number on a tag.

Sorry for the lengthy post. Off of my soapbox now.


@belyndag: Yes, when I adopted Simba he had a microchip but the previous owners had never registered it. That was very convenient for me, as I didn't have to go through any effort to change the registration. The rescue scanned the chip, gave me the number, and I just contacted HomeAgain as if he'd always been my dog and registered him. I have the lady the runs the breed rescue as one of my emergency contacts, and a couple of friends for the others. Microchips are required by law here, and the county registers them so even if the owner didn't follow through on the national registry the City has a record (which may be out of date). The City offers $5 microchipping out of the mobile spay-neuter van and the Animal Control office.


Sold out of the LARGE size.


I use the 'finding rover' app for ios and heard that people have used it and found their lost dogs!


@gobears99: Thanks! I had never heard of that. Will definitely look into it!