dealssteam summer sale day 1


im buying Dont Starve RIGHT AWAY.


Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition for $8.99 is a great deal as well. Get it now, as it is on an 8 hour flash sale rather than a 24 hour deal.
If you're buying any games today, be prepared to have trouble; the Steam Store servers have been loaded down all day. It took me a good 20min to get everything I wanted in my cart and checkout. Hopefully this gets straightened out before day 2.


Greenman Gaming has the same Steam version of Bioshock: Infinite for 50% off too but they throw in an extra 20% discount which brings the total cost to $24.99

The 20% off code is: GMG20-F202F-UI40F


I just tried using the 20% voucher on GMG, with no luck.
"Unable to add the voucher" is the error that appears when I try to add the code.


@kpxbabttong: Strange, it worked for me. And I've tried it on a couple different games as well. The code is also on the front page of the website. Try using that one, maybe I just typed it wrong.


@cgilmore024: Well I looked it up.. it seems to be a problem to just a handful of people. Works for most people though. Poor me, I have to cough up a few extra bucks!


They've stopped accepting the code for Bioshock Infinite :(


@kpxbabttong: Aw, that sucks.Well, It's still at good deal at $29 though.


@magicwuff: Huh, it looks like the first Summer Sale post has been deleted. Nevermind then.


Bioshock Infinite is $25.49 at Amazon right now using coupon code GOONCAVE.


I am going to cry. I paid full price for Civ V less than 24 hours ago. F**k.


@limacamp: E-mail them bro, they will probably honor the sale.


As a note: If this is anything like last years sale, the games will be available for 24 hours after the next deals go up.


@blindandcynical: I did email them, they told me "Thank you for contacting Steam Support.

Steam does not offer retroactive discounts to purchases made before sale periods.

Please check Steam News for information on upcoming sales and promotions."

It is really not an honorable response.