dealsterraria on steam for $3.39 + free shipping


Free shipping... on a digital download. Really?


Very good game. The best way I can put it is Minecraft in 2D. I also had a lot more fun in this game than in Minecraft.

However, keep in mind that the game isn't supported anymore. The developer stopped all updates and patches about a year ago.


This game was way more fun than I first thought it would be


@zyxomma100: The last patch was January of this year. The game is still supported, they have very active forums in fact. (


I am aware that there are active forums for the game, and an active modding community. I dabble in both. However, there is no official support for the game and all official patches were cancelled as of 9 months ago. (Sorry, I knew it was a while ago, so I said about a year.)


realllllly good game. one of my friends and i got it during the summer sale and we played wayyy too many hours of Terraria in like three weeks. we stopped playing after unlocking hard mode cuz we were sick of it by then


This is an amazing game. I have logged far too many hours in it.


Unlike EA's Origin, no tax on Steam games. Wheeeeeee!!! =D


@masterwill: Unfortunately, @zyxomma100 is correct, Terraria will not have any more official patches or support.

That said, it's a FANTASTIC game with a great community.


I never understood why people on the Terraria forums had such a hissy fit over the developer saying there would be no more patches.

Are there any game breaking bugs still? No. Is the game so insanely short that new content is needed? No. Is the $10 price tag too much for how much gameplay you can get out of it? Abso-freakin-lutely not. I've put over 180 hours into this game, and STILL find myself wanting to play it.

Every game stops being updated at some point. Were people honestly so deluded that they thought "free content updates" meant the game was going to be expanded forever?

This game is absolutely rock solid, an utter blast to play, and worth 3 times the regular price.


Just for the record, the game has been on sale for as cheap as $2.50 (for example, during the Summer Sale, but that wasn't the only time.) So if you're really cheap and can wait, you can probably save another $0.89 ...

(It's a good thing too. I've bought three copies of it so far ... one for me, two for my older kids ...)

It's a good game, well worth the $3.39 or even $10.


I have to admit I could never get into this game very much... I couldn't figure out how to do basic stuff like make a safe home or craft items consistently. The interface is a bit of a mess IMHO, although I know there are lots of folks out there who love it. Hey, for this price it's worth a shot right?


@sudz28: There are wikis online that you can look up that will teach you to do everything from basic tasks to making advanced stuff. I would look it up, it will make it more enjoyable for you!


I managed to get in right before the deal expired, great find!