dealsalien anthology blu-ray [4 disc set] alien…


According to their site this one is not region free:

Region: Region B/2 (Read more about DVD/Blu-ray formats.)

Would love to buy it if it was.


Now I'm confused...according to the reviews over there, it is indeed region free.


Great deal IF it's region free. Anybody know for sure that has ordered it from


There seems to be a problem with this deal. There are only two Alien movies, and it seems someone has erroneously listed four.

Did they pack in two copies of the only two Alien movies made (Alien, Aliens)? I could understand this as they are excellent films, so providing a set of duplicates to loan or gift would make sense. But who would make a mistake like thinking there were more than two made?


@talesin: You posted this same comment on another Alien deal yesterday, enough already. We get it.