dealsdremel reconditioned 6-amp saw-max tool kit-sm20…


This looks like it is a rotary saw, as such it is out shined vastly by the oscillating saws that are offered on the same page for less money or even better get one from harbor freight for $15. they are immensely versatile and offer much more control. I recently was installing a stovetop in tile and I needed to remove some tiles and cut some curves. With an oscillating saw I was able to cut under the tiles and through the grout joints so the tiles just lifted out and I was able to reuse them without chipping grout off.


@videowallart: I think you mean circular saw, as it does not actually look like a rotary saw. They all have their place and strengths, in my opinion.


Looks like it is over. Showing as $89 now. Too bad.