dealsborderlands 2 + season pass + borderlands goty…


thats a good deal. I got BL2 alone for around $20 and I thought that was good. The pass is usually $20 alone and it gives you access to 4 expansions. BL1 is great too but old now and a nice freebie.


@rsnyc: No sure where you've been, but the pass is always $30, and hasn't gone on sale for quite some time.

While this is a damn good deal, I think I'm gonna wait for the Steam summer sale to begin shortly to snag the DLC.


SON OF A %#@( GOSH DARN $#%@^!!!!! I've been waiting for this deal for forever! Continually finding great deals for just the BL2 game, but kept holding out for a BL2+Season Pass deal in the ~$20 area. I finally caved about two weeks ago and got BL2 off GameFly for ~$10. Too good a deal to pass up.

AND OF COURSE this awesome deal had to pop up now. Friggin always how it happens huh? :facepalm:

Good deal. Upvote!


@kaisterbahn: If you don't already have the games though, there's no way you'll get BL2 and the DLC for this cheap. Plus BL1 GOTY? Crazy good deal. If you do, then yeah, it's probably better to wait for the Steam summer sale to pick up the DLC a la carte.


Is playing borderlands 2 single player fun? Or maybe a better question would be is it easy to find other players?


I've never played co-op in either game and don't feel like I'm missing much. The second game has optional super-tough, super-grindy "raid" bosses that are basically invincible to single players, but anything else can be done solo.


Having played it all the way through...twice... the game is a blast in single player. Multiplayer is very well executed and a lot of fun too. I can't believe Call of Duty is a more popular game than this....


Single player is fun thanks to the various add on games and the different characters that require different strategies, plus some room for different playing styles.

Oh and despite all the warnings from Amazon, the download codes are for Steam, so these do indeed work for Mac. I bought the season pass and a character add on.