dealsred leopard dress for $12.99 + free shipping


This lady does not need Burger King coupons, she's just about perfect. Have her talk to the leggings model from two days ago.


What is with all this 'one size' stuff. That wont work on a 37-24-34


@mrc131: I'd love to see that person try it on!


I love seeing OhCheri back on the WOOT front page again. Did the overly-zealous censors find something else to worry about?


@matthewjfazio: ohcheri got extra smart about her deals. They are specifically NOT lingerie and then they get to stay! for example, this item is a DRESS and it is CLOTHING and it is definitely SEXY, but it's obviously NOT lingerie.

Awesome! Way to stick it to the man, ohcheri!


One size really does not fit all very well. A larger size may sell to women who aren't built as well as the lady in today's picture.


@jrhusc: Some people love the "one size" styles and some don't. But we have other styles in sizes from Small to 6X.


@kamikazeken: If they didn't want my deals on the front page, the deals would not be there. There have definitely been changes made to the rules/algorithm and I'm liking it but, alas, the man continues to stick it to us all ;-)


I'd Panthera pardus in her wild jungle if you know what I mean


Also what's up @matthewjfazio, it's good to see everyone back and your mom looks as great as ever


@kamikazeken: As you can see, the man stuck it to me today. Suddenly the stockings I have been posting all week with no problem are today tagged as #lingerie and so will not make it to the front page.

There are certain mods who do not like me/my deals and can do whatever they want because there are no rules governing their behavior.


Mos Def a Tranny. I see tuck... Annnnnd cue Goodbye Horses.


@gallogj: Oh, how some classics never seem to die...