dealslindt chocolate holiday sale - 50% off + 15% off


* Discount - 15% off $35 or more*

Still a good deals but there is a minimum to get the additional 15%. Looking a little deeper into the sale, it allows you to get $35 before any discounts for this to work which is pretty easy to hit.


Thanks, I love the milk Chocolate truffles. I have now stocked up. At a price point of about 6 per dollar, I got a ton of them to share with friends and family. :)


@conanthelibrarian: Thanks for posting that. You're right, the code does require a $35 minimum purchase for the 15% off.

Also, I forgot to mention.. The 50% off sale is good in stores as well. While they don't have the additional 15% (at least not that I know of), they are offering 5 free "Hello" chocolate bars (usually $5 each) with a $50 purchase. So if you're near a store, it's probably worth checking out.

Here is a list of store locations:


And for comparison, Walmart sells a 5.1 oz bag right now, you can get it for $3, a pretty darn good price (usually $4 elsewhere) which equals about $9.50/lb. This breaks down to about $6.00/lb, $5.25/lb with the coupon code (75 truffles weigh just a hair over 2 lbs).


I can not get three promotional codes to work. I am ordering over $300 of Christmas candies and I wanted to get the free gift (worth $28) but, if you enter Hellogift, they take away your 15% additional discount on merchandise. Therefore, the free gift is not free at all; it will cost some people more than the $28. On the plus side, the free shipping (if over $100) does work no matter what.

Seasons Greetings everybody!! :)


It appears to be a pretty good deal. The discount applied as advertised however it's not always free shipping. If you live in Florida as I do, my $110 order cost $20 to get it here. There's no warning of this prior to the final checkout.


Wow, they have 550-piece truffles in orange, mint, or regular chocolate. FIVE. HUNDRED. FIFTY! ($65 after discount, which is less than 12¢ each.)

I didn't know they had orange; ordered some to try (the 36pc, not the 550pc). The mint ones are excellent!