dealsstaples offering $100 off android tablets, snag…


also it is good for any tablet


Actually this was on here last week. The Asus is not availible in ANY store in the US. It is only available online, which the coupon is not good for. Upon contacting the closest store here in Houston, Texas I found out that they do not have any tablets in stock. Neither does any other within a 200 mile radius. I called the customer service number and was told it was for in store in stock only items, and they would not honor this coupon in any other manner. I went to Office Depot, because they honor competitors coupons, but they said they would only honor it for the Acer and Toshiba as that is the only ones carried in the Staples stores throughout the country.

If you are successful in obtaining a Transformer, let us know how, please.

BTW, Staples online only has the 32 gb version. The 16 gb is sold out.


I have used Staples in-store only coupons to purchase items that were out of stock or online-only. You have to get a store associate to order it for you, though. They plug in the coupon as if you bought it there, and you pay for it there, but it gets shipped to you. It's worth a drive to your local Staples to give it a try.

I wouldn't trust the 1-800 customer service peeps.


Thanks Foonatic, but I tried that. Unfortunatley it didn't work for me. Hopefully it will work for others.


Yep, you're right. I gave it a try and got politely shot down.


At least they were polite to you. The manager was a jerk to me. Called the CS number and got Guillermo who did not know anything and was pretty useless. But that is okay. I have since moved all my office supply business needs elsewhere, as I refuse to deal with an unethical company.