dealswindows 8 pro (1-license) [boxed] w/auto discount…


Just used this. Worked like a charm. Thanks!


Worked fine for me also. Delivery Tuesday, ordered on a Friday.


I know some will downvote me for this, but impulse buyers beware. If you're happy with windows 7, I recommend sticking with it. Some might pick up windows 8 easily, but from what I've seen windows 8 has the steepest learning curve I've ever seen in an OS. I watched a IT admin look for more than 5 minutes just to figure out how to turn off the computer. You might love it though, I'd just recommend watching some videos of normal use before you drop the cash on it.


I've got windows Vista, and it's been bogged down with probably a ton of malware and viruses, so I'm going to upgrade and wipe out the old stuff. It's slow, it crashes.....It's probably my own fault, but still.
Go windows 8!


@hashiitsuki: I'm planning on picking it up and letting it sit a while, so that all the manufacturers catch up on drivers. It's better to pick it up now at this price, and upgrade later, or buy now to instal on your next machine (if you are the DIY kind of person). Any way you slice it, $39 for the full retail version is a steal.


@skutir: I'm doing the same for my wife's computer. I love Windows 7 on my own PC, but she has needed to get out of her laggy Vista setup for awhile. It also gives me a safe environment to test and see if I like it myself.


@hashiitsuki: I am NOT an IT admin or computer professional, and it took me less than a minute to find the power button. Quit whining, Windows 8 is a dream to operate. I love it. I really can't understand where all the negativity is coming from.


@hashiitsuki: I feel what you really mean to say is Windows 8 has a shallow learning curve.

It's okay though, the vast majority of humans who speak English make this mistake.


Ordered. Was going to upgrade via windows for the same price, but having a disc on hand is always handy.


Does anyone know if this is an upgrade, or I can install it on my mac without a previous version of Windows?


@sailorspork: Wow! It is like you read my mind! Microsoft just ended official support for Vista a couple months ago, and my Wife has been stuck with Vista Home Premium 32-bit. I was wanting to get her out of Vista and able to re-join the domain for my server at home (needs Windows Pro). She has capable hardware, and will be going to 64-bit as well.

I was hoping there is some way to downgrade the install to Windows 7 for now using this license, but I suppose if there is not, I will have something aside from my main PC to test the final release of Windows 8 out on (I already had the developer preview, and was not that impressed).


@l3000c: It's not a mathematical construction. The expression is referring to knowledge, not difficulty, and isn't meant as a graph though you could make it one if you really wanted depending on interpretation of axes. If you get your head out of (Woot probably wouldn't let me swear, eh?), you'd be able to picture climbing a hill and starting with no knowledge and the difficulty to acquire the knowledge(climb the hill) is felt more for a steep hill than a shallow hill, even if they get you to the same height eventually.

But if you really wanted it to be about math, then make the graph the intergral of difficulty vs. time and you'll see an exponential growth function nicely models the indication of things, with the slope starting steep and evening out rather quickly. Too bad you probably have no idea what an integral is or what an exponential growth function looks like. Dolt.


I am installing Win8 now, my first 2 laptops would not let me because they have a 32 bit processor. The 3rd one is letting me. If anyone cares let me know and I will let you know first hand.


Im in for one. Purchased it for a machine I am fixing that had a corrupt XP install before it was brought to me, and she didnt have a disk, so I am using Ubuntu and filezilla to save her files, and installing Win 8 as a fresh install on her laptop. She is pretty excited about it.


Well it installed, I had to have an email address to finish installing it and one of 2 things: 2nd email. phone number, security question. First thing I did was sign into it and click on the mail tab. It knew the email I used and asked for a password. I gave it. It then opened hotmail using my yahoo account. It said I could use hotmail for all my emails. then I grabbed the top of the screen (the icon turned into a hand and I pulled down (clicked and drag) and it crashed. I held down the power button and turned it back on. It is back up I checked and I need 200mb of updates. I am going to grab them and see if that helps.


@maddogofgilead: "...make the graph the intergral of difficulty vs. time and you'll see an exponential growth function..., with the slope starting steep and evening out rather quickly."


The next time you want to make a mathematical argument, don't.

An exponential growth function does not start out steep and level off quickly. It starts out very shallow and grows 'exponentially.' Thus, the "shallow" learning curve you refuted is exactly what you showed using your mathematical model.

Perhaps you meant to model a logarithm function?

Also, why would I take the integral (note the spelling) of difficulty to plot versus time? Why not simply plot the difficulty versus time? The integral of difficulty would effectively be summing the difficulty over time, and thus making the plot grow faster and appear worse than reality.

It appears that even the great maddogofgilead does not comprehend either the exponential growth function or the concept of an integral.


At these prices, gotta believe that not even Microsoft thinks 8 will be that popular. I've seen video of how it works and, well, I'll stick with 7.


@aegisthevs: Hah, yes, my misspelling of integral is a critical component of any argument. And i concede that I did mean the logarithm, though my justification was a quick consideration of the implied horizontal asymptote that would be expected from an exponential. Not justification enough, I grant, but since logs and exponentials are obviously linked I think anyone can forgive since my point stands.

The point of integrating a logarithm was to show him a hill. I wanted the integral to start at y=0 and climb, like a hill, and yet if the derivative of the graphed log were taken one would see how a steep slope gives way to a shallower slope over time. It was for the benefit of both math and aesthetics. But good job not seeing the point. The Aegis deflects all understanding, it would seem.


I already received my upgrades from Amazon today (at their $68.88 price). Do they price match on coupons like this?


@maddogofgilead: I still don't understand your use of the term integral.

"The point of integrating a logarithm was to show him a hill." The integral of a logarithm does not produce a curve with an asymptote and will increase forever (refer to my argument that integration sums all results up to a previous point).
"and yet if the derivative of the graphed log were taken one would see how a steep slope gives way to a shallower slope over time." I grant you this.

I refer to my original post. "Why would I take the integral?" Why not just plot a log function? The simplest plot we can make already shows the curve you described.

Also, I am pleased that my reference to your misspelling made your first argument where it was more of an aside in mine. We all make mistakes, and I may mispell something as well. I just don't understand your argument.


Out of stock! !!!! Arghhhhhhhh! !!!


I upgraded my main computer lastnight and love it. I liked it so much that I then upgraded my kids computer with Windows 8. I wasnt home today when my son got home from school and he went on the computer to do homework. When I got home he was doing his thing with no problem. I asked if he had any problems and he said he had none at all. He was able to start using everything on his own. Oh, and hes 12.

I know a lot of people are afraid of change, but this has to be one of the best Windows Improvements ever.


Upgrading to Windows 8 Pro
This product is an upgrade (packaged DVD) to Windows 8 Pro for your PC running Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP SP3 (Check system requirements to ensure your PC can be upgraded to Windows 8).
Purchase of Windows 8 Pro Pack is necessary to upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 8 Pro.
If your PC is running Windows 7 Home Basic or Home Premium, your files, programs and settings will easily transfer to Windows 8 Pro. If your PC is running Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate, Windows XP or Windows Vista, you will need to reinstall your programs. Some features such as touch may require a new PC.


Thanks to op for the head's up. I see there are lots of RIP already. I got the last one at my local Staples today around 10:30 AM using the printable coupon.