dealsgarden & gun magazine subscription for $3.99…


Gardens and guns, of course. For all you gardeners sitting in your lawn chair, shotgun in hand, waiting for those pesky squirrels to come messing with your pear trees...I guess.


@pitamuffin: We would be sitting on our lawn chairs with our pellet guns to chase the deer out of our yards.


Step one: Kill
Step two: Bury in your beautiful garden.


My sub just ran out. I got it a year back for the $2 special.
Think New Yorker, and Martha Stewart, in genteel Georgia.
They're an interesting read, and they all have their place in the library.
The Throne Room, I mean.
Like the Readers Digest specials, they'll always have a place.


Sweet! My subscription to Better Homes and Ammo just ran out.