dealsoutback steakhouse - lunch entree bogo


Awesome steaks...taking the family there tomorrow.

Thanks OP!


$10 limit doesn't cover a whole lot on their steak menu.


@johnhatchett: Then get something not on the steak menu. Simple. :-)


I agree with dslocum !! The only thing I go there to eat is STEAK, everything else is rubbish. $10.00 doesnt even cover the tip.


Thanks for the free lunch! The burgers and chicken sandwiches are good and under $10.


@lasyco: So if you're standing at the gas pump and someone hands you a $10 bill - you say, no thanks, my bill is $30?
Me? I'd rather go to Outback, use the coupon than spend the same amount as McD's. It's still a $10 bill and I don't have to pack my lunch that day.


Just got back from Outback and used the coupon on a lunch special. Half of sirloin sandwich and salad. Not bad for FREE! The waitress said she couldn't believe how busy they were and how many coupons she was seeing. While she was saying that the table next to us grabbed their coupon and paid for their bill.

Funny to see these things in action.


Went today in So Cali and the coupon was accepted.


Just barely made it there before the 3pm lunch dead line. Our lunchs were about $12 each. Our waiter took $12 off but told us it should have been $10. We have not been to outback in about 15 years/ We now joined there rewards program and plan on going again but not in 15 years. We will be going back soon.

Thank you for posting


Coupon worked. Super Bloom did not. They said it will tomorrow though.


Our local Outback is NOT open for lunch. ;-(