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I bought this kit a couple years ago and I love it.

I bought it for the Torx heads and the sizes provided have been very useful working with electronics and pocket knives.

The quality isn't the greatest; however, it is far from the worst. I haven't run into a situation where a screw head was stripped by these. I imagine they can't take a great amount of torque; but, for their size you shouldn't really need to torque them. What do you really expect for $2.49 bit driver anyways?


Whenever these deals come up, everyone mentions how they've gotten one or two before and it's totally worth it. Well, I have, and it is. Very handy.

My tip: keep the lid on while you're using the screwdriver lest your elbow knock over the canister and you have to pick up all the bits off the table/floor.


I have one of these. They are well worth the price.


Great cheap stocking stuffer. Thanks!


When you click on the site, the price comes up $5.99


@bluechocodog: $2.49 w/Code: MLCK726JNL1 For First 500 Orders


I got mine! Seems like it could come in handy for my iPod repair hobby.


@bradgentry: I don't have one or two from previous sales, I have 5 or 6. Just as long as you don't work them too hard, they are fine for small repairs.


Code doesn't work anymore: Limit reached.