dealsmovie ticket and drink at studio movie grill for…


In for 5... Studio Movie Grill is the shiznit!


So you have to live in Texas? Another FAIL deal from this bad deal poster.


@bangchan: Not our problem you don't live in the state that provides such an awesome entertainment experience. Get a life and move to Texas or don't comment, because this deal wasn't designed for you! As for the original poster, keep 'em coming! This is a fabulous deal and deserves mucho kudos! Reclining swivel chairs, tables, full bar, with good food and dessert; what a fun way to watch a big movie! Plus they serve Dr. Pepper and don't take your business for granted like the big box theaters do. This small business is doing things right and at a great price! Please patron Studio Movie Grill and show your support for a Local Native Texas Company!