dealshitachi magic wand massager for $44.95 + freeā€¦


It is awesome for when my 'neck' is stiff...


@webb6377: i get it, by "neck" you mean lower back!


Seriously. This is the best "massager" on the market. Lots of side market attachments and accessories are available.

It's a very strong and deep "massager". I got one for my lady's "back troubles" and it's given her the most intense "relief" from her "back pain" of any "massager" we've ever owned, including the fancy ones from the "massager shop". She swears by it and no other "massager" gets any use anymore. The only problem is the cord, but just get a cheap extension cord with it and it's no problem.

So, yea. This is a pretty good deal on it. If you search google, you may find a cheaper price, but those are not actual Hitachi wands, they are knock-offs and are not worth it. Make sure you're getting the real deal, the fake ones are (profanity)

TLDR: Orgasms. Lots.


Came for the comments, was not disappoint.


What if one were to reverse the polarity of the cords.....Would you come undone?


4 out 5 House wives Agree...when your husband just cant seem to rub it out, Nothing is better for getting the aches out those muscles.