dealsotterbox commuter hybrid case for at&t and…


Not 5.99....try over $14.00!!!!!!


How does a case not support the iphone 4s, but can support a 4?


I took a gamble on an Otterbox that said it was for the 4 and fit my 4s fine. That said, this is still not a deal.


@poetslair: it's over now. it was a lightning deal


Unless you just have to have the brand name items... there are plenty of deals to be had on Amazon for cases. ^^^ NO BUENO!!!


@allhighruler: The 4S has a slightly different camera lens and flash LED, so some cases have too small of an opening for the camera.

Many people have noted that the Otterbox cases from Amazon are often counterfeit. Any time you see them this cheap, realize it's probably fake.