dealsstaples multipurpose paper (500 sheets) 25¢ after…


Just went into staples to inquire about the "easy rebate." The "easy rebate" is an MIR; oh the irony! What makes it "easy" is the optional online form that you can fill out instead of printing and mailing the form. Still have to wait for them to send you a rebate check.

Still a hell of a deal, just a heads up for anyone else who is unfamiliar with the easy rebates like I was.

The good thing about the deal is that if you get this you have spent $5 so you qualify for the other 1 cent deals, so it is kinda worth it.


What is the Easy Rebate? I am kind of confused. The price I see is $4.49


@the18thtee84: Thanks, answered my question.
I was never really into "mail in rebates" just feels like I am sending my info for a few $$.


You fill in the rebate online and it gets sent to your PayPal account (if you choose that option.)


Sorry, all! I did the assumption thing. Next time I post a Staples deal with an Easy Rebate, I will give an explanation of what an Easy Rebate is. I have been a Staples customer for years and sometimes forget that others are not familiar with certain things like Easy Rebates and 100% back in Rewards.

@atd15: Sorry, as per the weekly ad, it is an in-store only.


love staples easy rebates! Takes less then a minute to submit online and you can use staples rewards to pay for the item.