dealsthe godfather collection (the coppola restoration…


I feel like this joke must have already been made by now but, "They're making you an offer you can't refuse"


You know a great deal on BluRay when it would cost you more to rent or stream movies for 48hrs in HD. I am so picking this one up!
If you haven't seen these films I highly recommend them. You are not taking a risk. The first Godfather is on the American Film Institutes top 100 films of all time list and it's number 3 on the list.


not sayin' this is a bad deal, but I've lost count of the number of times I've seen it on woot recently. They must have manufactured way too many of them?

vote-for3vote-against shows that this is the lowest price so far at Amazon for this set. I picked one up. Thanks OP!


This is definitely the cheapest I've seen. It was $20 at Best Buy a couple of times over the past few months.


Modern Family's most recent episode "Fulgencio" (aired 1/23/13) had a great homage to an iconic scene in "The Godfather." I recommend that show not only for its great cast (Sofia Vergara, people!) but crisp writing and overall hilariousness.

"Don't ask me about my business, Kay."


Leave the gun, take the Coppola Restoration.