dealslolshirts top 20 of 2012 for $5.55 + shipping


went to site no place to put coupon code ?



Pick at least one item you want. Click Continue.
Type your email and shipping info. Click Continue.
Add the TOP20 code. See your total.Click Continue.
Add your payment info, Complete your order.

Once you add the code, you can go back and add more stuff or edit your cart without having to re-enter the code.

2XL Shirts ($0.99 extra) are $8.53 each with shipping for two or three.


I do not ever add comments -- but, I do always read them before I purchase an item. So - FYI... I ordered 4 shirts from this company on Nov 23 of this year. I finally received 3 of the 4 shirts on Dec 21 (yes-nearly 1 month after placing my order). The order was missing 1 shirt --BUT my credit card was charged for all 4 shirts on Nov 27. I have e-mailed the company several times and have NOT even received a reply. Along with the e-mails I sent a picture of the packing slip that had only 3 shirts listed on it. Very disappointing! So, I guess ~ buyer beware. I think that I have been more than patient waiting for the shirts - and waiting for a reply. :(


lolshirts is a terrible company to purchase from = winning


Many XL sizes are already sold out. So why can they not just print new ones? Looks to me as if they don't want to sell for the low price. Then why do they even offer it?


Dang, read the comments after I ordered. Hope I get my shirts. I only ordered two. Surely they won't screw that up.


I have ordered shirts from this site several times and never once had an issue. Shipping is slow, but I have come to expect that with all deal sites. Shipping and processing is usually 3 weeks. Sorry to hear about all those who have had issues.


Before you order from this company (and its affiliated sites, and, go to and look at its message board. It is replete with complaints. Slow shipping, yes, but also unresponsive customer service, and unfulfilled or only partly fulfilled orders and a serious lack of concern about any of this expressed by staff contributors. I wish I had read the reviews before purchasing and experiencing all of the above.