dealsharmony® 1100 advanced universal remote…


now $229

DOH!!! nevermind... didn't see the coupon code to use!

$159 is good!


On the way, thanks for the heads up. Good lookin out!


Owned this for about 2 years now. It's an excellent concept, but the fact that logitech's RF Hardware/Software package is terrible detracts significantly from it's useability. I don't recommend this if you're planning on using it in RF Mode, regardless of the tweaks for response, the RF is laggy and poor to use for anything other than casual channel surfing.

Excellent idea, extremely poor execution. If you're using it strictly in IR mode, it's pretty responsive, but who buys a full featured remote with a screen and then has to point it at 4-5 different devices to insure they turn on.


Coupon code has expired.