dealspapa john’s pizza: free large 1-topping pizza for…


@gideonfrost: Just what I was thinking. What kind of Microsoft s%$t are you trying to pull?


It's their reward points, they are only obtained buy spending money at papa.johns with an acccount.


@mleejr: I was trying to be comical. but I do get the connection to microsoft.


I've got 15 points on my account and its coming back as Invalid. In OH- regional only?



Online Only Offer. Click Here

Offer good for a limited time at participating Papa John's restaurants. Not valid with any other coupons or discounts. Limited delivery area. Delivery fee may apply. Customer responsible for all applicable taxes. Prices may vary in Alaska and Hawaii.

@gideonfrost: You get 1 point per dollar. No buying of points or paid membership required ;)


@alanmhanson: I don't have enough points to redeem it, but it seems to recognize the deal. I'm in SW Ohio. Fwiw.


@okham: It's actually 1 point per $5 spent online, I believe. I imagine I would have a lot more free pizza if it was per dollar. :)


Not working in Northern VA, FWIW.


Works in south central Kansas. Thank you.


This is completely different than the normal offer for 25 points. 25 points gets you a free pizza anyway you want it. 15 points has always got you a free 1-topping, though they change the code every so often.


@ptucker2: Thanks! That actually makes more sense.

@gideonfrost: ignore me...ptucker knows what their talking about :/


Works in the Great Nation of TEXAS!



@sharpjm: Did you guys finally seceed or did you misspell State?

Anyway, im 5 points short (Story of my life). Thanks for the offer anyway.


@firebirdude: The rewards page says nothing about a free pizza of any sort at 15 points, though...


not much free here if you have to earn points from BUYING previous pizza's... how about offering 15 FREE points Jack!! :)


Use the promo code 15PIZZA to use only 15 points :D


From -
- Earn 1 Papa Rewards Point for every $5 you spend, including tax and delivery, on every purchase from your account.
- You are eligible for a FREE large pizza with up to three toppings when you have earned 25 Papa Rewards Points.
- Look for other special offers for Papa Rewards members throughout the year, but you must opt-in to receive promotional and marketing emails from Papa John’s.