dealsfree 12 oz. jar of organic extra virgin coconut…


Let me get this straight. There's a guy in a turban under a palm tree, holding a suspicious device in one hand and an even more suspicious device in the other hand. There is talk of purity, lack of refinement, and cold pressing. Then an EXTRA VIRGIN is casually mentioned.
I am in for a dozen.
Er, plus the extra one, of course.


regardless of whatever you think based on previous comments, you'll likely find that the folks here at D.W! will wholly support we love them! They sell great spices with great extras at great prices. been ordering for a couple of years at least and i've always received what I ordered, fresher than i could possibly expect, fasther than i could possibly expect. love it!


@smtatertot13: I am sure of it. I did look around the site and bookmarked it under my "Cuisine" folder. I have recently experimented with coconut oil -- in the kitchen, I mean -- and I am delighted at the variance it offers over more traditional cooking fats and their flavors.
I trust that my comments were rec'd in the proper humorous light, as indeed they were meant. One never knows, but hopefully truly prejudiced people are too busy lurking in darker alleys than this.
I meant no disTURBANS of the peace.
Cheers - MCBS


Personally I thought you were very funny!

I like - they deliver fast, the spices are fresh and fragrant. My only critique is that you can get lost wandering around and maybe order more than you thought you would. YUM!


Besides which, coconut oil does have very nice lubricating qualities, and tastes good, too. ;)


Got a 54 oz jar cheaper at the local costco... yes organic and yes cold pressed etc etc... around $18


@bolts: Sure wish I had a Costco within 120 miles. Love the Spice Sage---in addition to free S&H and the great "special deals" they ALWAYS run (Changes every two weeks), they always give you a free 1 oz sample of your choice of spice with each order. For example, try the Korintje Cinnamon---you'll never buy store powder again!


Or Trader Joe's - virgin organic coconut oil is $6/lb.



I've ordered spices from My Spice Sage several times and would recommend the site to anyone looking for inexpensive spices.

Also they have a great feature where you can add 1 oz of a free spice on to any order to try it out.

Person favorites are the Chili Con Carne spice, and Jalepeno Salts, as well as Vanilla paste.


@mcbs: Yep, for true. I suppose to be HONEST I should say it's a "16 oz. jar" and it might be a pint not a pound, but still.

Of course, with TJ's, you never know which store is gonna carry what.