dealsasus google nexus 7 7" 32gb wi fi tablet blackā€¦


Awesome considering the 16gb model is around 217 from the Google Playstore (including the tax for where I live) and currently sold out.

Get it if you were planning on getting the 16gb model. Totally worth it.


Wow. If I had the money. That's a GREAT deal for the 32g model!!! Dang! What they ^^!


Awesome tablet! This is a great price! Save yourself more than $100 and get this over the iPad mini. Android Jellybean is a treat to use and the tablet apps are getting better and better. If you're scared of Android because of bad things you've heard about it, they are no longer true. It really is superior over iOS especially for tablets. iOS has more apps for tablets right now, but that is changing quickly and this is by far the best bang for your buck tablet out there. GET IT!!!