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Now I get a monthly delivery of bacon and wine!


"Shipping and handling charges of $85 to $95 (6 months) or $165 to $185 (12 months) added directly to shopping cart"
Maybe not too unexpected if you break it down on a month-to-month, but, still, Yowza!


Cool, but not exactly a great deal at $20 a pound...


Wait, so it's 99 dollars a year for 12 pounds of bacon (so a base price of 8.25 a pound, which is ludicrous in and of itself), and then another 185 dollars for shipping and handling? So the grand total for 12 pounds of bacon is $284, or $23.66 a pound.

Look, I love bacon as much as anybody else on this planet. It makes everything better. I make an awesome bacon jam, and I do a pretty mean bacon ice cream, amongst many other things. But almost 24 dollars a pound for it? Man, there truly is a sucker born every minute.


Crap, I did the math wrong. Turns out the 99 is only for 6 months. Actual price for a year is 149. So the actual price for 12 pounds is $27.83 a pound.

Dude, not even filet mignon or live crab shipped in from Maine costs 28 dollars a pound.


How is this a "deal"? It looks like this is just the regular price for the 6 month club (plus $85 to $95 for shipping!)



can anyone find any actual reviews of the company or their bacon?


What's this? I can't reeeeeeeead!


My brother got me a 6 month plan for my birthday back in March. The bacon is very good although there are some types I wouldn't have bought myself. They do all come with a recipe card for each type of bacon but you could likely find the recipe online. I'm not sure how much he spent but I know I wouldn't have spent it myself. Bacon is great but I don't need fancy shmancy bacon. Local grocery store is having a buy 2 get 3 free sale so thats 5 lbs of bacon for $10 and I'll enjoy it almost as much as the artisan bacon.


Horrible!!! Stay Away. Paid $355 for 6 months of bacon - a year later I've received 3 and only after a lot of complaining. Horrible customer service, bacon packages were 12 oz not a pound.
Bacon that did come was good, but not worth the aggravation.