dealstds digital meter water quality tester 1999 ppmā€¦


hmm... is that minerals in the water or feces? Hmmm.....


TDS = Total Solids Dissolved? Shouldn't that be Total Dissolved Solids, or maybe TSD? I could write it off as a typo if it happened once, but putting it in twice makes me wonder....


It's just copy&paste from their website.

It is also misleading, because pure distilled (de-ionized) water would have ~0ppm TDS but is undrinkable.


Like most of the Chinese stuff, it's a copy of something in the market that is well thought of in the survival community. I'd not trust it!


@enterr: you have no idea what you're talking about. Demineralized and deionized water is drinkable but has no mineral content, so besides hydration, you're getting no nutrients from it.

It should also say "Total Dissolved Solids". But in all honesty, these meters would be useless besides for fun purposes. TDS of any water source that you drink from is potable and has minerals added for nutritional purposes.

Source: I've used these in deployed locations in the military and am trained to produce potable water using Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Units. You should also need to test Chlorine content and biological factors to see if the water is safe to drink.


@jaeden09: you sir/madam have no idea what you are talking about. De-ionized and distiled water strips minerals from your body and can cause you do die from lack of salts and other necessary minerals.


@philosopherott: considering the actual amount of minerals you get from water is miniscule, drinking distilled water isn't that bad for you..... and anytime you drink water, you lose minerals through urination.

Also, to what person is going to be drinking distilled water solely....


Geez, you must have learned your science in Texas. My minerals are more than replenished by food. My challenge is to drink enough water to remove the excess.