dealskindle deal for sue grafton novels $1.99 for $1.99


I love these books! I wasn't much of a mystery reader until my MIL started loaning me books from her collection, including these. Kinsey Milhone is a great character.


@belyndag: I love the Kinsey series, in large part because the character is so real. She has a full range of emotions. If she's injured, she stays injured for a while, as any real person would. The plotlines are complex but not bizarrely so.

Guess I'll have to check how far I got into the series and buy a few more at this price.


@magic cave: I have a fondness for what an old boss used to refer to as "broken wing birds." Kinsey is a strong character with her own demons. Well written. Not a lot of recurring characters other than her friend/landlord/neighbor (whose name escapes me) and his siblings. I love him, too.

Dang! Now I have a hankering for goulash!


I've read all of Grafton's alphabet books. I'm just hanging around, waiting for the next book. Uh, I think it's W. When she finally reaches Z, I'll probably read all of them again. They are that good!


I may have read one of Sue's books but listened to a dozen plus. Judy Kaye does the narration and is excellent.

I recommend anyone who likes this genre listen to these books-as long as Judy is narrating. No, I don't know her.

I started listening when I borrowed the books on cassette tape from the library.