dealstcl 43-inch 1080p led hdtv for $312.51 + freeā€¦


I'v never seen a non-black Friday 43 inch LED TV below 350, seems like a great deal


Every time I see this brand pop-up, I'm always leery. The reviews are generally positive, but the negative ones scream of nightmares to come for unfortunate people which may get a dud. Yes, that can be said about every TV, but at least with name brand, you'd have some piece of mind.

As a TV that would get nominal use, it would be passable for people on a tight budget, but typical tv viewing (6+hrs a day), I'd be concerned about longevity of the product. Having your only TV die on you, then having to wait for the item to be repaired sucks....I know from experience.


I went to Tiger Direct and saw this TV in person. I have to say, I was impressed for the price point. You aren't going to find picture quality from another brand at this price. I am not sure on the longetivity of the TV, but you could always buy a square warranty I guess...


Too fat in depth for a picture frame.
But it's such a good price that I may hang a few in my hallway anyways.
Perhaps I will hang it flush against the wall, blocking any back vents.
A few hidden fans inside and dremo/drill some vent holes around the edges.
To not overheat, I could just turn down the brightness instead to not void the warranty.
Now how many watts does each unit use? Edit: 100 watts


I want to get this tv but the reviews are scary. I guess i'll pass on the deal


@swader: AFAIK, TCL still manufactures some LCDs for Samsung, which is generally considered a reliable brand. (edit: whoops, this is an LED TV...I'd have to dig a little further, then...)

When I go in on a 40"+ TV, I'm probably going to be looking for a TCL, they've come up pretty favorable in price and review whenever I've gone to look.

edit (again): this deal is actually dead, price shows $415 to me.