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Thanks for the great deal. I ordered one as a Christmas gift for a friend who has always wanted a Moshi. One gift down!


Perfect timing with this. My son got up late for work AGAIN and I told him that I was getting him a new clock this weekend. Mission accomplished!


Thanks, picked up one of these. The future is certainly coming quicker... pretty soon I'll be having conversations with the lawn mower.


I've had my Moshi and travel Moshi for 2yrs now and absolutely love them! They default to alarm-on every night unless you specifically turn it off, so you can't forget to turn it off. They have sleep sounds and a few alarm options. The only gripe is that the screen is either completely dark at night (as opposed to more traditional alarm clocks that have the number lit up) or completely lit up. The whole display lights up, and then the time is dark numbers against the clear or colored screen.


In for one I think... Just bought a 20$ clock last night from a local store since my bedroom has none and its a bit to bright to leave it on all the time...

I often wake up at odd hours of the day or night and wonder what time it is, so being able to ask my clock for the time seems like a good plus vs getting out of bed to look or turn on the light to look (the room has no windows so its dark 24/7)...


My son, 13 months, is terrified of this thing (when it talks). It can be a useful tool sometimes to keep him away from dangerous areas of the house :)


Nice fast shipping just received mine today.