dealsmidwest can company 5 gallon gas can for $9.99


Decent price but note if you haven't used one of these new "EPA required"(CARB) gas cans, your in for a real treat :( The spout is a real POC! Unless your going into a wide open bucket it manages to spill gas all over everything, real EPA friendly for sure ;)
Unfortunately this government required POC is all we can get in the land of the free, that or you can do as I did and purchase a "retrofit nozzle" which is the old style, throw away the POC that comes with this can and live happily ever after....unfortunately the retrofit nozzle costs as much as this deal(~$10) but for me it was better than having to throw away the can, which is what I would have done if I couldn't get a nozzle that didn't spill gas all over the place.


+1 on the EPA nozzle. I have never spilled more gas than when trying to use one of those stupid things. If you already own a gas can, save your sanity, save the old nozzle. (I wonder who will take the blame when I spill gasoline all over a hot lawn mower and blow up...the EPA?)


Bought one of these a month or so ago and I really like the new spout,no problems at all pouring gas so not sure what I'm doing right. Very good deal at $10 and I may buy another for backup.


RotopaX sells cheap (as in not high quality, but passable) old fashioned replacement spouts ( I can confirm they fit my new Blitz cans just fine...tossed the EPA ones. You can use a Schrader valve for a bike (available at a local hardware store) with it's cap for air flow, just remove the stem with a valve tool or pliers. There is also the EZ-POUR ( available which I bet will also replace the EPA ones on newer cans, although I cannot confirm it.


And it's available for gift wrap, so make sure to get one for your wife or girlfriend ( or both) for her birthday. She'll love you for it!


Be aware that you may not be able to get this sale price at a brick & mortart Kmart store. Kmart stores and Kmart online seem to be entirely different companies.

I was denied the sale price at the Fall River, MA store by the manager. What I basically had to do was order online at the customer service kiosk, and chose in-store pick-up in order to get the sale price. It wasted an extra 15 minutes of my time waiting around for the slow employees (who really couldn't give a hoot if they made a sale or not), to get the print-outs etc. I even brought the merchadise to the customer service desk for them...

If the sale price were not so good, I'd have told them to pound tar. It is no wonder that with silly policies like this, as well as the lackluster employees Kmart now appears to be a third rate store, probably on par with "odd lot" types stores. I can't speak for all Kmart stores, but at least the one in Fall River, MA is a real dump.


@tommytom02: I don't know that I'd call $12.95 cheap, especially when the gas can only costs $10 but yes thats the kit I purchased. I got mine at a local Mills Fleet Farm for I believe $10+ tax. Looks like one could purchase 3 for $30(shipped/no tax) from your link but I wonder how many people will need 3....
With the kit you need to drill a 5/8(I think that was the size) hole for the vent and install the vent kit. Personally my vent kit leaked a hair(gas would ooze out) so I took it apart and used a drop of 100% silicone caulk around the hole before pushing the vent in the hole. Been working great ever since, no leaks, no drips :)

Personally I think it's kind of sad one has to resort to such measures to get something as simple as a gas can to not leak/drip all over the place, but I guess the EPA is trying to protect us from ourselves.......

Oh and for those who have no issues with these new cans, if your adding gas to something like a straight in lawn mower I can see how it may.....

vote-for1vote-against but try adding it to something like a riding lawn mower where you have to get the nozzle under or around something or even try to add gas to a car, you'll see what I mean as you spill gas all over yourself, the car or riding lawn mower.
I've been using gas cans for decades and for the most part have never had issues, in comes the new EPA nozzle and........welcome to the future ;(


I have learned how to use these stupid nozzles and they're not too bad in large applications (car). You have to very careful with the collars though because they're a very soft nylon and they will crack on the seam if you over tighten. I've already replaced 2 out of 3. You have to just tighten it with your fingers--don't put your wrist into it. So far they don't seem to leak.

Secondly, I wanna concur with you folks that the EPA sucks. Who thinks of this crap? Also, I'd like to personally kick the @$$ of all the folks who put Blitz out of business with lawsuits!!


$12.95 for those retro spouts is a bit steep, especially considering you need to provide venting to the new cans. What I found works well for me (particularly for car) is to use a funnel (one of the long ones to depress the little flapper in the car).

For lawn mowers and smaller applications, pouring from a heavy 5-Gal can is asking for trouble (even with the old school spouts) so I have a smaller 2-Gal gas can which is lighter and less cumbersome.

Funnels are cheap and they help prevent spills folks, so use them...