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These things look like mini turbos! 4/5 on Amazon and a couple bucks cheaper to boot!


I was thinking they looked like chrome wheels for your car. They need spinners.


These 8320's are without doubt the best earbuds you can buy anywhere near this price. I got three last time and they sound great. Very informative thread on the last offer here:


If you are able to get the little rubber seals to fit just right, either by being lucky or replacing them with different sizes, these are absolutely AMAZING sounding.

They won't fit inside motorcycle helmets very well or anything, but they sound absolutely fantastic. Extremely clean, neutral sound. I'm no headphone expert or anything, but these things sound better than any earbuds I've ever tried.

I do have a hard time getting them to stay in my ears for extended periods of time though, so I drape the headphone cord back over my ear. Problem solved.


These things look like friggin transformers. No thanks


I love monoprice, and I sort of want these but I HATE the look of them. Seems like mono price has several in this price range. Any thoughts on the other options?


They sound great but aren't very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time...Just my two cents...


@mnerd: 9396-9398 are all brand new, so I don't think there are any reviews of them yet.

I've tried the 8321 (the cheap white ones), and they're pretty good. The drivers in them are very small though (like all earbuds), so midrange is somewhat muddled, but they're fantastic for being under $5. Really though, if it is at ALL possible for you to get past how these ones look, they are flat out unbelievable. Listening to Big Phat Band's Backrow Politics sounds like I'm sitting in the recording studio.

Honestly the only reason I use the 8321's at all is because they fit in my helmet.


I bought a couple of these about 3 months ago and they sound great, but the design and fit is a little 'off'. They don't fall out, but they're not as comfortable as the Panasonic HJE-120 line that are just as cheap, and sometimes cheaper if you have Prime:


Definitely the best earbuds you can get for under $50. Just make sure you wear them correctly! Read here for more info:


@aznsmith: That is quite a statement my friend. One which I can not agree on, mostly because of the number fifty.


What the heck?! It's 5 AM here in Texas, and a SPONSORED deal has it's website down for upgrades? Why would they do that?

"Thank you for visiting MonoPrice! We are sorry but our site is temporarily unavailable as we are performing temporary maintenance to make your experience better.

We anticipate that the site will be unavailable to 3:20AM PDT tonight.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please come back after the maintenance has been completed, we look forward to serving you!"

Wow ... the country is starting to wake up, and you choose NOW to do this.



@thehyena: Must be me but just received three sets of these I ordered and was not impressed. The ear nubs that came with it were too small so switched to a larger size, now they stay in the ear but the sound is not very good at all.I will try this easy hack and give it another try. These things are larger and heavier than any buds I've tried in the past.


Wonder if these would be even better if fitted into custom earplug material.

pow pow

In for 2 at <$7 per, shipping included.


toss some comply foam tips on these and win


Also, remember to BURN THEM IN.

It made a dramatic difference for me.
Also, you could also do the tape mod to increase the bass for these.


In for one. If I could marry Monoprice, I would.


I bought 2 pairs a month back and honestly do not see what everyone see's in them. I burned them in for 25-50 hours using white and pink noise with music mixed in. The standard rubber was horrible so I took bi-flanges I use on another pair that create a good seal and put them on. The bass is pretty good but that is where it ends. The mids are non-existent and the highs are just tinny. They sound right on the price level they are sold out. Honestly the ear buds that come with products you buy (like ipod/sansa etc) I find actually sound better. Was very disappointed from what the reviews said. I don't know if I just got a bad batch or what but they are now just dust collectors as they do not sound good enough to even be used as knock arounds.

On the other side their Premium Hi-Fi DJ Style Over-the-Ear Pro Headphone 8323 sound pretty good. I am not sure I would put them against the heavyweights but for a $25 pair of headphones they sound pretty good.


I LOVE Monoprice 8320. Like many have said the stock tips are AWFUL. But just get some Comply -Foam T-400 or the MEElectronics - M6 Flange Tips.

They are cheap and are totally worth the investment of aftermarket tips. The sound that comes out of these is pure magic for the price. So crisp and clean.



Note, the price changes to the $6.04 when you put it in your cart.

$2.34 shipping to Georgia, USA

Catalog12 is a coupon code you can use on other Monoprice orders for 10% off


I just bought three pair of these for about 18 dollars. They're great. The silicon ear pieces could be bigger but I had extras from my last pair of headphones. Great sound quality and fast shipping too.


These have an awful lot of hype going for them with the headphone snobs* at Head-fi

I have a pair, and would strongly recommend you buy/replace the tips immediately for improved fit and sound. That being said, I'm sure these outclass anything below $30 retail.


These used to be very popular on HeadFi. The popular ones now in that price range are the JVC FX101's.

The new beasts, if you have a few extra dollars to spend are the JVC FX40's. Retail for around $20 and have a sound you'll hear in $100+ IEM's. Amazing little headphones to say the least.


Ordered two and just got them today. They sound pretty good, especially for the price. I'm not super picky but I do know when the sound is crap. I go through 3 or 4 headphones every year and these are the best I've heard for the price.