dealscraftsman multimeter, digital, with 8 functions…


You can get a similar multimeter for less than half the price at your local Harbor Freight:

That one is 7 function, with 20 range settings. It also supports amp testing up to 10 amps, and is very accurate. I've tested it against a plug-in Fluke digital voltmeter and found that its voltage measurements(for voltages around 5-20v) were either spot on or extremely close to the Fluke reading, more accurate than some far more expensive multimeters I also have.

Also, Harbor freight regularly discounts that multimeter even further at times; sometimes it goes on sale for $1.99 with coupon, other times you can get it for free with a coupon, no purchase required.


I can tell you from personal experience. I have had two Harbor Freight 1.99 meters and they are not worth a crap! Reads DC volts with out being attached to anything. Yep new right out of the package. Bought the sears a year ago and it works great. Take it out of the plastic/rubber boot and store it in the motorcycle. Use it around the shop and house for quick things. I also have a fluke 787 Process Multimeter I use on the job. Spend the little extra get the sears.