dealsamazon gold box: ps3 320 gb plus instant gameā€¦


Be wary, this is a tempting offer. But the games come with the 1 year membership card. These games are not physical copies and if your membership runs out you can no longer play them.


@livinonedge: True. But if you ever re-buy PSN+ you can again play any free games that you lost access to when your membership lapsed.

In addition, PSN+ has been offering at least one free game for PSN+ subscribers every month. Some of them have been distinctly meh, but I feel I've gotten at least my subscription's value out of the ones I've played already (inFAMOUS 2 especially); YMMV.


From the looks of the image, it appears this is the old PS3, not the model that was recently released. For just a bit more money you can get the newer model that's a little more power efficient.