dealsharry potter-complete collection years 1-7 on dvd…


Wait a says $58.99. What gives?


@awesomedale: It's dead. I saw $26.09 earlier today.


@awesomedale: look under the In Stock status. New and used from $26.09 SEE ALL <- Click there...


@paulydietz: Now it's $26.19. If it was at $26.09 I would have pulled the trigger. But at $26.19, I don't know if I can afford that.


Is this with any extras like commentaries, or making of, or edited scenes?


Best price now is $29.98.


@awesomedale: You'll see under the price a "new and used" link. That'll bring you to more options where you'll find factory sealed deals starting at $26


The price shows as $39.95 now, but if you look under "new and used from...", the seller "Net Grocer" has it for $29.98 and "Huge Movies Store" has it for $29.99 - both offer free shipping. After those two sellers, the next lowest price is $39.55. So even though you can't get it for $26.09 anymore, if this is something you really want, $29.98 isn't bad, so you might not want to hesitate - I bet they sell out real soon...


@messymoney: No, @awesomedale is right - the best price now is $29.98.

I didnt mean to repeat what had already been said - I had started typing my (long) comment above before awesomedale posted that comment, so I didn't see the 2 posts before my comment until after I posted it.


@michaels1715: I'm of the opinion that when there's a question about finding the product for the right price, we're all much better off to have two responses than none. Go for it!


Aww, boo. It's $58.99 now.