dealshp touchpad wi-fi 32gb refurbished tablet w…


By the way, I recently put Android on my Touchpad and it has improved the usefulness of this tablet 100 fold. I actually use it on a daily basis now and don't miss WebOS in the least.


I did the same it. Cyanogenmod on the Touchpad looks and works so good. I'll go over to the WebOS side from time to time to see if there's anything new though.


This is a pretty good price, especially if you don't live in California and don't have to pay tax and the e-waste fee. I got mine at the fire sale price of $149, but after tax, shipping, and e-waste fee, it came to $176. This price isn't too far off from that.

Still haven't put Android on mine, yet. I wonder if they'll ever get the microphone and camera working or at least the microphone?


Great Price!

there are around 5-6 Teams working on Android 4.0.4 for the Touchpad and it has become a awesome stable OS, yes the Camera and Mic still don't work in Android but right now it's not a major priority of any of the teams, I'm sure as time goes on it will happen though.

I use CM9 as my main OS on my touchpad and it works great as a daily driver