dealsdiehard portable power 750 with 12 volt outlet…


Can't figure why the prices of the Stanley models have gone up so much. I paid about $60 for one with 900 peak/450 cranking amps with all this Craftsman functionality + it included a built in compressor. That was about 5 years ago and it is still running rock solid. The current model is presently over $90 on Amazon.

These things are super handy to have around and great as a power-source for camping.

Tip: take care of the battery - don't let it draw down to zero. Top off the charge about every 1-2 months.


In my experience, very few of these portable power packs are worth the investment. You must constantly maintain the charge level to insure they work when you need them. If you allow the internal battery to go dead it might be completely ruined. The best jumper packs are very expensive.

Heavy duty jumper cables are the preferred solution IMO. Just pack them away in your trunk and forget about them. I've helped at least a dozen people over the years. I can only imagine how many of these jumper packs I'd have bought in the same span of time.


@charlesp2009: if you abuse them, I agree, a waste.

But my 5 year experience with the above mentioned Stanley contradicts your experience. And in the meantime we've used it a multitude of times for adding tire air and camping. Even tho we paid $60, I'd pay the current $90 price for the current version of it on Amazon.