dealssave $10 off $25 at yankee candle coupon


Now I can afford one candle! But it must be the best candle ever if they charge $25!


Thanks! Worked just fine on some clearance items (just use the code mentioned in the coupon)


Yankee candles are really nice - the scent really lasts a long time even if they're never lit. This is a good deal.


When our local Bed Bath and Beyond went out of business, I got about 20 of these for $1 each. It was totally radical


You should only buy from Yankee Candle when there's a sale. Generally you can use this coupons along with the sale.

Personally, I've noticed that their candles have gone to crap lately. More waxy and just plain stinky. I bought 4 large christmas candles from them and they were absolutely awful. They gave me back my money, no questions asked or returns needed, but seriously, they totally screwed up their formula to make more profit (like they're not making 80% profit already)

I suggest sticking with tarts and if you buy them when they're on sale for $1, you can get a candle's worth (burn time) of tarts for less money. They'll also have a pure smell unlike the candles.

I love Yankee Candle but the Candles just aren't as good anymore.


@ masshuum: Candles are made using paraffin wax, soy wax, animal based (tallow) wax, or some combination of the 3 depending on which is cheapest. If a combination is used, an emulsifier holds the 2 or 3 products together and results in a longer more uniform burn (no crystallization). Bottom line - cheaper emulsifiers affect quality.


Great timing. The local Yankee Candle is collecting donations for our local Humane Society during their Halloween Preview Party tomorrow. They are having giveaways for anyone who brings in something for the critters, food, blankets, toys, etc.

I have never tried Yankee Candle, I like Partylite, but they do have some cute candle holders.