dealsget 10 free movies when you sign up to watch theā€¦


So I signed up and everything is not as it seems. Yes, you get 10 free movies, but they are 10 pre-selected movies, all in sd: The Perfect Storm, Valentine's Day, Behind Enemy Lines, Lethal Weapon (Director's Cut), The Siege, Never Ben Kissed, Psycho, The Producers, Wrong Turn 2 - Dead End (Unrated), and Big Trouble in Little China.

Maybe the VUDU service is great and I will love it, but it is not starting off on the right foot. I feel like I've been had.


Yea, I heard good things and got really excited when I saw the deal. If you refer a friend using your Facebok you'll get a $3.99 credit for each friend that signs up. Every few days VUDU drops a decent 0.99 cent title which you can watch in HD 720/1080 - still worth it in my opinion especially with the weather turning; no more trips to the RedBox.